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 Who Is TJ Perkins?

Ring Name: TJ Perkins
Date of Birth: September 2,1984
Debut: August 1998
WWE Debut: September 2016
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Biography: Teddy James Perkins better known by his ring name TJ Perkins, is an Filipino-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand where he was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He is also known for his work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where he was a former TNA X Division Champion, performing under the ring name Manick.

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Match Number One:  TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick versus Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado

Dorado and Kendrick start things off and Kendrick with chops.  Dorado avoids a chop and connects with a few of his own and follows with an enzuigiri and head scissors that sends Kendrick to the floor.  Kendrick returns to the ring and Dorado with a drop kick for a near fall.  Ali tags in and they hit a double side Russian leg sweep and Ali gets a near fall.  Kendrick with a knee and he pulls at the ear to send Ali into the corner.

Perkins tags in and kicks Ali.  Perkins with a European uppercut.  Ali with a sunset flip but Perkins rolls through and takes Ali down with a head scissors.  Ali catapults Perkins into the turnbuckles.  Ali springboards off the ropes and mocks Perkins.  Ali with a head scissors and Dorado tags back in.  They hit a double hip toss into a slam.  Kendrick tags in and they hit a double flap jack.  Dorado sends Ali into Kendrick and Perkins for a double drop kick.

Ali tags in and he snap mares Kendrick and applies a reverse chin lock.  Kendrick with a jaw breaker and side head lock.  Ali with a kick but Perkins with a clothesline from the apron when the referee focuses on Kendrick.  Kendrick gets a near fall.  Perkins tags in and hits a slingshot senton and gets a near fall.  Perkins with an arm bar and Kendrick tags in.  Kendrick with a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  Kendrick with an arm bar on Ali.  Ali with punches but Kendrick with a full nelson.  Perkins tags in and Ali kicks Kendrick and Perkins away.  Perkins stops Ali and goes for an ankle lock.  Ali kicks Perkins away but Kendrick pulls Dorado off the apron when Ali tries for the tag.  Perkins with a forearm to Ali followed by a hard Irish whip.  Ali with a thrust kick to Kendrick and then he lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt.  Dorado tags in and hits a back body drop followed by a drop kick and gourdbuster.  Dorado gets a near fall.

Dorado goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall.  Perkins tries for the detonation kick but Dorado escapes.  Ali tags in and Dorado with a suicide dive to Kendrick.  Ali with a rolling neck breaker followed by the inward 450 splash for the three count.

Winners:  Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali

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Match Number Two: Lince Dorado versus TJ Perkins

They lock up and Perkins with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Perkins with an arm bar into a wrist lock. Dorado with a reversal but Perkins with a head scissors take down for a near fall. Perkins with an arm bar and he gets Dorado to the mat and gets a few near falls. Dorado uses the ropes for a springboard arm drag. Dorado with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall.
Dorado with chops and a head scissors take down and drop kick that forces Perkins to the floor. Dorado teases a dive to the floor and then he mocks Perkins. Dorado with a drop toe hold into a hammer lock.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Perkins goes for a power bomb but Dorado counters into a DDT. Dorado goes to the apron and connects with an enzuigiri. Dorado with a moonsault off the turnbuckles and an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Dorado with a handspring cutter for a near fall. Dorado goes up top and Perkins crotches Dorado. Perkins sets for a superplex but Dorado blocks it and he sends Perkins face first to the mat. Dorado signals for the shooting star press but he misses when Perkins moves. Perkins gets Dorado on his shoulders but Dorado counters with a crucifix for a near fall. Perkins gets Dorado on his shoulders and hits the Detonation Kick for the three count.

Winner: TJ Perkins

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Candids | Television Captures

Match Number One:  TJ Perkins versus Gran Metalik

They lock up and Perkins with a wrist lock but Metalik with a reversal and arm drag.  Perkins claims that Metalik pulled his hair and he pushes Metalik.  Metalik pushes back and applies a side head lock.  Metalik with a handspring back flip followed by a head scissors and suicide dive.  Metalik sends Perkins back into the ring.  Metalik with a springboard elbow drop for a near fall.

Metalik gets Perkins on his shoulders but Perkins sends him into the turnbuckles.  Perkins misses a splash into the corner.  Metalik is sent to the apron.  Metalik with a shoulder and he goes up top.  Perkins crotches Metalik and Perkins goes up top and he tries to rip off the mask.  Perkins with a drop kick to the back while Metalik hangs from the turnbuckles.  Perkins gets a near fall.

Perkins with a slam and he hits a slingshot senton and gets a near fall.  Perkins with an arm bar and then he turns it into a hammer lock using the leg and a reverse chin lock.  Perkins takes Metalik to the mat.  Metalik with punches but Perkins with a punch.  Metalik with a boot to Perkins followed by a satellite bulldog and a springboard drop kick.  Metalik goes up top and he hits a springboard splash but Perkins kicks out.  Metalik goes up top again and he goes for a moonsault but he makes contact with Perkins’ boots.  Perkins with the Detonation Kick for the three count.

Winner:  TJ Perkins

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Match Number Two: TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander versus Tony Nese and Noam Dar

Perkins and Nese start things off. They lock up and Nese pushes Perkins to the mat and Nese poses. They lock up again and Perkins with a side head lock. Perkins holds on to the side head lock when Nese tries to send Perkins off the ropes. Nese with a shoulder tackle. Perkins with a jumping back heel kick. Perkins with a European uppercut.

Perkins floats over on an Irish whip and he goes for a cross arm breaker. Dar gets involved and Alexander with a drop kick. Perkins with a Detonation Kick to Nese and Nese goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Perkins with a drop kick to Dar for a near fall. Perkins with an arm bar. Dar gets to his feet and he reverses into a wrist lock. Perkins with a reversal and drop kick for a near fall. Perkins with a hammer lock using the legs and then he falls back to add pressure to the arm.

Perkins fights out of the wrong corner. Dar tries to send Perkins to the floor but Perkins hangs in the ropes. The referee deals with Dar and Nese kicks Perkins in the back.

Nese tags in and he kicks Perkins in the ribs. Nese with a slam and he gets a near fall. Nese with a body scissors. Perkins with elbows to Nese and then Nese goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Perkins lands on his feet and then Perkins with a gutbuster.

Alexander and Dar tag in and Alexander with clotheslines followed by a back elbow. Alexander with a handspring round kick for a near fall. Alexander comes off the ropes and Dar catches Alexander and applies a Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Perkins breaks up the cover. Nese with a punch to Perkins. Perkins sends Nese towards Alexander and Alexander with a back drop. Perkins with a springboard drop kick to Nese. Alexander with Lumber Check to Dar for the three count.

Winners: Cedric Alexander and TJ Perkins

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