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 Who Is TJ Perkins?

Ring Name: TJ Perkins
Date of Birth: September 2,1984
Debut: August 1998
WWE Debut: September 2016
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Biography: Teddy James Perkins better known by his ring name TJ Perkins, is an Filipino-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand where he was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He is also known for his work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where he was a former TNA X Division Champion, performing under the ring name Manick.

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Digitals | Television Captures

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher versus TJ Perkins and Neville

Perkins and Aries start but Aries wants to face Neville. Perkins dabs and Aries kicks Perkins and connects with a forearm to the back. Gallagher tags in and head butts Perkins in the midsection. Perkins with a side head lock. Perkins catches Gallagher on a leap frog attempt but Gallagher with a monkey flip. Neville tags in and he kicks Gallagher. Neville sends Gallagher into the turnbuckles and Gallagher with a headstand. Gallagher with a boot to Neville followed by a drop kick and flying mare. Aries tags in and Neville sees who is in the ring and Neville goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Neville sends Gallagher into the turnbuckles and chokes him. We see footage during the commercial break of Neville working on Gallagher. Neville with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Neville chokes Gallagher with his knee. Neville yells at Aries and that allows Gallagher to recover and hit head butts to the midsection. Gallagher is sent face first into the mat. Neville kicks Gallagher and he tags in Perkins.

Perkins with a snap mare and then Perkins with a slingshot senton followed by a snap mare for a near fall. Perkins spins his boot on Gallagher’s head and then he applies a hammer lock using the leg and he adds a chin lock. Perkins focuses on the reverse chin lock. Gallagher with elbows but Perkins with a knee and he hits Aries on the apron. Aries breaks up a cover and then Perkins pulls at the nose while the referee deals with Aries.

Perkins with an arm bar and then he goes to a rear chin lock. Gallagher goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Perkins lands on his feet. Gallagher with a head butt and both men are down. Aries and Neville tag in. Aries with a shoulder followed by an elbow and chops. Aries with a clothesline but Neville with a back heel kick to the midsection. Aries with an atomic drop to the knee followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Aries with a front face lock but Neville with a jaw breaker. Perkins trips Aries and Gallagher pulls Perkins off the apron.

Aries with a back body drop that sends Neville onto Perkins and Gallagher. Aries with a heat seeking missile on Neville and Perkins. Aries goes up top and he misses a missile drop kick. Aries holds his knee and Neville misses a moonsault. Aries applies the Last Chancery and Neville taps out.

Winners: Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher

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Candids | Television Captures

Match Number One:  TJ Perkins versus Gran Metalik

They lock up and Perkins with a wrist lock but Metalik with a reversal and arm drag.  Perkins claims that Metalik pulled his hair and he pushes Metalik.  Metalik pushes back and applies a side head lock.  Metalik with a handspring back flip followed by a head scissors and suicide dive.  Metalik sends Perkins back into the ring.  Metalik with a springboard elbow drop for a near fall.

Metalik gets Perkins on his shoulders but Perkins sends him into the turnbuckles.  Perkins misses a splash into the corner.  Metalik is sent to the apron.  Metalik with a shoulder and he goes up top.  Perkins crotches Metalik and Perkins goes up top and he tries to rip off the mask.  Perkins with a drop kick to the back while Metalik hangs from the turnbuckles.  Perkins gets a near fall.

Perkins with a slam and he hits a slingshot senton and gets a near fall.  Perkins with an arm bar and then he turns it into a hammer lock using the leg and a reverse chin lock.  Perkins takes Metalik to the mat.  Metalik with punches but Perkins with a punch.  Metalik with a boot to Perkins followed by a satellite bulldog and a springboard drop kick.  Metalik goes up top and he hits a springboard splash but Perkins kicks out.  Metalik goes up top again and he goes for a moonsault but he makes contact with Perkins’ boots.  Perkins with the Detonation Kick for the three count.

Winner:  TJ Perkins

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Digitals | Television Captures

TJP & The Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann & Dan Moloney

The young Englishman steps in with the veteran Kendrick. Crowd with some support for Kendrick as well as the up and comer. Kendrick with early control. Tag made to TJP. More of a tag control match so far as Kendrick and TJP make frequent tags and cut the ring in half. A bit of a humorous exchange as TJP grabs the arm of who he thinks is Moloney but turns out to be his own partner. Their adversaries go over to say hello and TJP finally realizes his mistake. Tag made to Swann and the two charismatic stars do a double dab with some tandem offense. Atomic Drops seem to be the chosen weapon for Swann and Moloney. Assisted dive over the top has Swann take out both opponents all while landing on his feet. Tables quickly turn as a blind tag is made and Swann gets taken out. Kendrick works Swann over with a methodical pace. Swann goes for a tag, but Kendrick picks the ankle to prevent. Kick from Swann creates separation for the hot tag to Moloney, who cleans house. Moloney with a bevy of strikes before he gets tripped up by Kendrick on a rope run. The young man takes his eye off the ball and allows the other team back in. Crowd taking a bit of a sarcastic liking to TJP, who attempts wrestling while covering his ears to drown out the chants. TJP slows the pace with a head lock, but Moloney fights out with a back suplex. Tag made to Swann. Unique offense from the outlandish one. Somersault leg drop to the back of Kendrick by Swann for a near fall. Both men up top now. Super reverse atomic drop from Swann. Action going everywhere until Moloney and Swann are the legal men. Several reversals. Moloney gets Kendrick up, but TJP lends a helping hand. This leads to a Kendrick roll-up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winners: TJP and The Brian Kendrick

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

Match Number Three:  Jack Gallagher versus TJ Perkins versus Mustafa Ali versus Austin Aries in a Number One Contender Match

Perkins goes after Gallagher while Aries and Ali square off.  Perkins with a drop kick to Ali but Aries with an arm drag to Perkins. Perkins with a kick and he goes to the ropes and hits a head scissors on Gallagher while hitting an arm drag on Aries.  Perkins goes into the ropes and Ali misses a charge and goes to the floor.  Perkins with a pescado.  Gallagher kicks Perkins off the apron and then Jack goes for the umbrella.  Aries brings Gallagher back into the ring and Aries with an arm drag and drop kick.

Aries relaxes in the corner.  Aries wtih an elbow but Perkins with an elbow of his own.  Perkins wtih a clothesline to Gallagher while hitting a bulldog on Aries at the same time.  Perkins wtih a drop toe hold to Aries that sends him into the ropes and Perkins with a slingshot drop kick.  Ali with a rana to Perkins followed by a leaping spin kick for a near fall.  Gallagher with a wrist lock and Gallagher with a headstand in the corner and he keeps Ali away.  Aries pusehes Gallagher over and Gallagher with a forearm to Aries.

Perkins with a missile drop kick to Ali.  Perkins goes for the knee bar on Gallagher.  Aries with a Last Chancery on Perkins but Ali with a drop kick to Perkins and Aries.  Aries holds his eye.  Ali floats over Gallagher and Ali with a moonsault for a near fall.  Ali is sent to the arpon.  Gallagher blocks a Detonation Kick while Aries boxes the ears.  Ali with a rolling neck breaker and everyone is down.  Ali gets near falls on everyone.

Ali pulls Perkins into position and he goes up top.  Aries stops Ali and he sets for a superplex.  Perkins stops Aries and gets Aries on his shoulders.  Aries sends Perkins into the turnbuckles.  Gallagher and Aries get on Perkins’ back and hit a double superplex off Perkins.  Aries and Gallagher get near falls on Ali and Perkins respectively.  Aries with a chpo and gutbuster followed by an STO and pendulum elbow.  Aries wtih a wrist lock and a rollup for a near fall.  Aries with a heat seeking missile on Ali and Perkins.  Gallagher gets the umbrella again.  Gallagher opens the umbrella and hits a Mary Poppins back senton off the turnbuckles and everyone is down.

Perkins is sent into the ring by Gallagher.  Gallagher misses the running drop kick but he lands on his feet.  Perkins with a drop kick.  Ali with an elbow and a tornado DDT.  Ali gets a near fall.  Aries with an elbow to Ali’s head.  Aries with an Irish whip to Ali and Aries misses a running forearm.  Aries with a forearm to Ali on the apron.  Aries sets for a superplex but he sees Gallagher coming and Gallagher drop kicks Ali off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Gallagher with a rollup for a near fall.

Gallagher with a head butt and he falls into a near fall.   Perkins pulls Aries out of the ring.  Gallager with a forearm to Perkins and Perkins fires back.  They go back and forth with European uppercuts but Perkins with a series of strikes followed by a Detonation Kick.  Gallagher with a head butt to Perkins and he falls out of the ring and Aries with a discus five arm for the three count.

Winner:  Austin Aries

Aries and Neville stare each other down as we go to credits.

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Day 1 – March 30th:

TJ Perkins def. Gran Metalik

Day 3 – April 1st

8-10am: TJ Perkins def. Drew Gulak

8-10pm: TJ Perkins & Mustafa Ali def. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Source: (1) (2) / Twitter

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WWE.Com Digitals | Television Captures

We are back and TJ Perkins is in the interview area. TJ says he is still looking to get back the Cruiserweight Title, but he is looking forward to facing Shinsuke Nakamura. They go way back. He says he is a thief, but he does not steal moves, he steals moments.

Match Number Three:  TJ Perkins versus Shinsuke Nakamura

Perkins goes for the knee but Nakamura with a front face lock into a waist lock.  Perkins with a break and he kicks at Nakamura but misses.  Nakamura takes Perkins to the mat and he covers Perkins.  They lock up and Nakamura with a Nakamura break against the ropes and he tells Perkins to come at him.  Nakamura with a wrist lock but Perkins with a head scissors take down.  Nakamura tries to escape but Perkins holds on to the head scissors.  Nakamura escapes and he mocks Perkins.  Nakamura with a shoulder tackle but Perkins with a head scissors take down.

Perkins misses the slingshot drop kick and lands on the apron.  Nakamura with a running knee to the head and we go to commercial.

We are back and Nakamura with a snap mare and leaping knee drop.  Nakamura with a reverse chin lock. Perkins with punches and a sunset flip but Nakamura rolls through but misses the Shining Wizard.  Perkins focuses on the knee but Nakamura with an enzuigiri.  Nakamura with the rapid boot strikes in the corner. Nakamura misses a charge into the corner when Perkins moves and Perkins with a leaping neck breaker.

Perkins with kicks and a back heel kick followed by a drop kick.  Perkins with a running elbow into the corner followed by the slingshot drop kick.  Perkins with a springboard DDT for a near fall.  Perkins goes for the Detonation kick but Nakamura escapes and he applies a triangle.  Perkins bridges over and gets a near fall. Nakamura misses a round kick but hits an enzuigiri.  Nakamura with a series of kicks followed by an Irish whip and a running knee.  Nakamura puts Perkins on the turnbuckles but he misses the knee when he takes too long.  Perkins with a missile drop kick to the knee. Perkins with a dragon screw leg whip.

Nakamura with a triangle on Perkins and he turns it into a cross arm breaker but Perkins escapes.  Nakamura reapplies the cross arm breaker.  Perkins with a Cloverleaf and he pulls Nakamura into the center of the ring. Nakamura with a rollup for a near fall.  Perkins with a knee bar.  Nakamura gets to the ropes to force Perkins to break the hold. Nakamura with strikes to Perkins followed by a knee and axe kick. Nakamura with a knee to the head.  Nakamura with a running knee. Nakamura with a modified lungblower followed by a reverse suplex. Nakamura sets for Kinshasa and connects for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura

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The Cruiserweight Championship would then be on the line at Roadblock: End of the Line as “The Outlandish” Rich Swann would defend the Cruiserweight Title in a Triple Threat Match against two former champions, T.J. Perkins and The Brian Kendrick. During the match, Rich Swann and T.J. Perkins would catch The Brian Kendrick with a double super kick, taking Kendrick out of the ring before Rich Swann hits Perkins with the Swann Kick, pinning Perkins to win the Triple Threat Match and successfully retain the Cruiserweight Title. After the match, Rich Swann would be pleased at the return of a familiar face as “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Neville makes his return! Neville would make his way to the ring, but instead of embracing Rich Swann, Neville would pop the Cruiserweight Champion with a right hand! T.J. Perkins tries to make the save, but Neville dispatches Perkins as well with a series of kicks. On the outside, Neville tosses Rich Swann into the barricade before giving the same treatment to T.J. Perkins before rolling Perkins into the ring. Neville then rolls Rich Swann into the ring as well as Neville stands tall over Swann and Perkins, having returned with a vengeance.

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